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Career Office

The Athens School of Fine Arts Career Office was established in October 1997, in order to bring graduates closer to the School and to assist them in entering today’s competitive labour market. The Career Office provides:

• Up-to-date information and help on topics such as postgraduate study, scholarships and cultural schemes, through a regularly updated database.
• The opportunity to promote the work of students and graduates through dedicated projects and an e-gallery.
• CV and portfolio preparation advice.

For the purpose of achieving its goals, the Career Office organises a series of events that provide graduates with the opportunity to show their work to the wider public, including potential collaborators.

In addition, the Career Office conducts qualitative and quantitative research into the profile of ASFA graduates and their career prospects in relation to their studies. Notable among the various actions initiated by the Career Office is its collaboration with the multinational company Nestle Hellas. The aim of this collaboration was to familiarise graduates with working within a commercial context without compromising on quality.

The first part of this initiative, which was named KAFETEXNES (Coffee Arts) was presented in Athinais Cultural Centre in November 2007. Twenty ASFA graduates took part in the project, which involved decorating coffee cups and glasses with original works of art. Five pieces were selected to receive cash prizes from Nestle Hellas. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the project was the fact that it demonstrated how contemporary art can become part of everyday life.

In addition, the project highlighted the benefits of this collaboration for both the graduate artists and the company: on the one hand, the graduates gained experience in working within the time and other restraints imposed by commercial demand while, on the other hand, the company benefitted by linking its name and its products to the Athens School of Fine Arts.

BIN PARADE, the second part of the project, also explored the concept of connecting art and everyday life. It was presented at the Planetarium in October 2008 and included work by twenty graduates. The six winning entries received cash prizes from Nestle Hellas and were selected to “dress up” the recycling bins of the Municipality of Athens. With this initiative, the Career Office addressed the issues of Ecology and Recycling. The idea was that, by making contemporary art a part of everyday life, the recycling bins would stand out and people would take notice of them. This would, in turn, help cultivate environmental consciousness and promote recycling.

We view these actions as the culmination of all our efforts in the eleven years since the Career Office was established. Our plans for the next few years include organising a large-scale project that will include Erasmus students who have taken part in a mobility scheme at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

The Career Office is currently undergoing a major overhaul. Short-term plans include broadening its scope to provide work experience opportunities for students, and running an Entrepreneurship Programme on a trial basis. The latter will be addressed to both graduates and students of the School, and will include classes, lectures, seminars and workshops on Arts Management. Our aim is to familiarise the students with the reality of the market and ways of approaching it once they graduate.